MuniQuip, LLC is proudly dedicated to providing the highest quality products, service, and solutions to our customers in the Municipal and Industrial Water and Wastewater markets of California and Nevada.


New Product Line

MuniQuip, LLC is proud to announce the addition of SPX Flow Lightnin mixers to our portfolio of product offerings. SPX Lightnin has a rich history as a market leading manufacturer of mixing equipment for the municipal water and wastewater markets.


As many of you are aware there was a terrible and tragic collision between the USS Fitzgerald and a container ship which occurred recently off the coast of Japan.  It was a heroic effort by the US Navy crew to tend to the needs of those injured and save the ship from further damage while returning safely to port.


Crane Pumps & Systems is a proud supplier to the US Navy, and we can all take pride knowing that our damage control pumps were used extensively following the crash. 


Referring to the picture to the right, you can see orange hoses on the deck pumping water off the ship – these are CRANE PUMPS & SYSTEMS damage control pumps being used. We are proud to be able to assist our US Armed Forces with CRANE PUMPS & SYSTEMS products.


Thank you to the men and women of our Armed Forces for your service and sacrifice.