MuniQuip, LLC is proudly dedicated to providing the highest quality products, service, and solutions to our customers in the Municipal and Industrial Water and Wastewater markets of California and Nevada.


Now Representing Grundfos in S. CA & S. NV. 

MuniQuip, LLC is proud to announce a partnership with Grundfos in the Southern California Municipal/Water Utility market!!! The Grundfos stable of pumping and instrumentation products & solutions are the very best in our industry and we are proud to be able to bring this solutions to our customers.

Now Representing Rodney Hunt in all of CA & NV

MuniQuip, LLC is proud to announce the addition of Rodney Hunt Inc. to our portfolio of product offerings. Rodney Hunt has been manufacturing in Orange, MA for 176 years and is one of our industries leading manufacturers of: Cast iron slide & sluice gates, cast iron flap gates, fabricated stainless-steel slide & sluice gates, weir gates, aluminum gates, composite gates, roller gates, radial gates, Pelican® & Bascule® gates (crest gates), stop logs. 




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